Exam/Tuition Pieces

Having taught for 15 years both privately and at renowned establishments including Leeds College of Music and International Guitar Festivals, A.J has built up an incredibly large amount of self penned material.

Since all students learn differently and their natural technique steers towards certain styles you often find it easier to write pieces, exercises and documents specific to them. It allows them to enjoy learning and progress at a much greater speed. Below is a
selection of pieces written in 2015 by A.J for students who were taking their Rockschool Grades. Rockschool allows candidates to play free choices which is
fantastic when a player is doing a performance grade (five pieces).

THE ROAD IS BLUE – Grade 4 electric guitar

This piece was written to help a classical student who was migrating to electric. It allowed her to show her finger style techniques while also learning about basic pentatonic and model melodies.

WAVE – Grade 7 electric guitar

Wave is a jazz piece original written by Antonio Carlos Jobin. In this version the piece is
extended to include a more soul/blues driven solo section so that the piece had enough
variance for the exam environment.

KING TIME – Grade 3/4 electric guitar

This piece was written so a student could learn some standard 12 bar blues melodic
patterns. After their exam they used the same piece but had to transpose it by ear to all other keys. This helps greatly when learning to understand the whole fret board. The grade 3 version removes some of the complicated ornaments and quick slurs passages.

YOU WANT ME INSTRUMENTAL –  Grade 7/8 electric guitar

Originally one of the tracks from A.J’s debut album ‘Harmonics’ this version shows how easy it is to turn a song into an instrumental. It was done as the student loved playing the original song and it seemed only logical to elaborate on the parts they already knew by turning into a viable grade 7 performance piece. It could also be used at grade 8.

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